This week Abbot Christian and Brother Leander are in Mexico, attending the ordination to the priesthood of our Brother Gregorio of the  Monastery of Santa Maria y Todos Los Santos near Jalapa, Verzcruz, Mexico.. The Monastery of Santa Maria y Todos Los Santos (Saint Mary and All The Saints) is a dependent monastery of Christ in the Desert.
Brother Gregorio was ordained a deacon in Rome, having done his studies there, and now ready for priestly ordination at the cathedtal of Jalapa this Saturday, September 3rd. The Archbishop of Jalapa, the Most Reverend Jorge Carlos Patron Wong, will confer the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
When we monks travel to Mexico, we always try to visit the Benedictine Sisters of San Benito Monastery, near the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.
Today’s photo is of Sister Sandra of San Benito Monastery and our Brother Leander. We have known Sister Sandra and her community for many decades and are always privileged to pray and visit with the Benedictine Sisters.
Your prayers are asked for the various Benedictine communities of monks and nuns in Mexico, and especially for Brother Gregorio and all who will attend his ordination on Saturday. Thank you. And please pray for pilgrim monks Christian and Leander.
Abbot Christian and the monks