In a matter of minutes this past Sunday afternoon, August 7th, we were inundated with tremendous amounts of rain and hail. Today’s photo, taken in our cloister garden the day after the storm, shows some of the results of the recent downpour.
What does not appear in today’s photo is the flooding that occurred in our refectory, kitchen and the corridor leading from the church to the refectory. The rain and hail came so fast and furiously that our drainage ditches couldn’t handle the volume. As a result, the raging water and accompanying mud jumped the embankment and poured through an inadvertently open door in the refectory and landed in our buildings.
Clean up efforts continue, and life will be back to normal shortly. Brother David and his crew of monks and guests are doing a great job. All hail!
We are definitely in the monsoon season and grateful for the moisture, but we can always do without flooding! Forest Service Road 151 leading to the Monastery remains passable. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended during the rainy season.
Greetings and prayers.
Abbot Christian and the monks