For the moment, afternoon rains have ceased, but they have caused the several rose bushes in our cloister garden to blossom nicely. Today’s photo attests to that.
The road leading to the Monastery, Forest Service Road 151, remains dry, so our guests and visitors are able to cross without issue.
We like to remind the brothers (and guests) to traverse the road at a moderate speed, since it is basically a single lane road with turnouts. That means meeting cars coming in the opposite direction needs to be done carefully and never at breakneck speed. In the 1960s we were taught to drive “defensively,” not aggressively. It still holds true.
Many people these days are concluding their summer holidays, and students are returning to school or preparing to do so shortly. We offer prayers for a successful school year ahead.
May God bless us all, as Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” concludes the tale.
Abbot Christian and the monks