Several birds’ nests on our property, not so much in trees as in high beams of our portals, are yielding fledglings. They will soon fly away, of course, but are enjoyable to watch in the meantime. A group of four is featured in today’s photo.
As children we were taught never to touch birds in a nest, so as to prevent the mother bird from rejecting her young. I don’t know if this is in fact true or not.
Recent rains have made the Chama Canyon where we live green once again. We are now in the monsoon season, continuing to pray for rain, and hoping for the best. Much more rainfall is needed in the great Southwest.
The National Forest around us is open to the public once again, and we see an increase in day visitors and pilgrims, as well as retreatants to the Guesthouse.
With this message comes a promise of our prayers and greetings. Please pray for us. Thank you.
Abbot Christian and monks