Americans tend to dub anything after Memorial Day as “Summer,” thus the designation of the cloister garden rose in today’s photograph.
We are having very pleasant weather these days, but still praying for much needed rain.
We are opening our Guesthouse and Giftshop this week, both closed the past couple of weeks due to covid-concerns. The monks are well, thanks be to God. We continue to be cautious, but as Shakespeare said, “the show must go on.” Let us hope and pray for all who are inconvenienced or suffering due to health challenges.
Our continued prayers as the return to “Ordinary Time” now occurs in the Liturgical Calendar. As it has been said, all time is actually “extraordinary,” and really “just on loan,” as we move through life. Eventually we will exchange time for eternity. Prepare our hearts, O Lord.
Abbot Christian and the monks