Or perhaps better said, sheep stealing, since they are actually pilfering the chickens’ morning fare. What is a modern monastic farmer to do? Probably best to go with the flow and not get flustered. No point in doing so, really.
In fact, our poultry flock and herd of sheep get along fine and are never competitive or aggressive–perhaps a lesson for living in community or family as well.
We should come to serve and not to be served, modeling our stance on that of Jesus, and keeping in mind, too, that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
May we strive to be humble and meek of heart, not because we’re worthless louts, but because we are called to greatness in God’s sight, by love and service of those who are part of or who enter our lives.
Blessed Pentecost Sunday to all.
Abbot Christian and the monks