As predicted, the peonies in our cloister garden are rapidly blooming, arriving as pink, white and purple flowers.
We are still in a “no rain” situation, but have not stopped praying for precipitation and hoping the usual rainy season, July and August, comes this year.
Due to ongoing drought conditions, the National Forest surrounding us is currently closed, but we understand people can come to the Monastery as retreatants and visitors, but might need to explain that to personnel patrolling Forest Service Road 151, leading to the Monastery. We plan to reopen our Guesthouse, Giftshop and church beginning June 6th.
We recommend to those coming for private retreat to print out their reservation dates from our Guesthouse system to show if asked by Forest Service Personnel.
With continued prayers for all our families and friends, and we are grateful for your prayers and support.
Abbot Christian and the monks