Too pretty to pass up sharing, pictured below is the final floral arrangement of our cloister peonies, which graced our church last Sunday.
To everything there is a season, Scripture teaches us, and the flowers in the garden quickly come and quickly go.
This could be a little parable on life itself. The span of our years on earth may at times seem lengthy, but in fact it is relatively short. The past is gone and the future we do not know. All we really have is the present. As the popular phrase puts it: bloom where you are planted. That is sage advice. To do otherwise would not be living in the present. Make good choices now and you won’t have regrets is a constant hope.
May we make the most of today and under God’s protective care, place faith, hope and love of God and neighbor at the center of our life.
With our prayers and grateful for yours.
Abbot Christian and the monks