In our little corner of the Peaceable Kingdom, the feathered and woolen creatures get along very well. And that includes Matty the donkey as well. In fact, she is a bit of the center of activity, at least for the sheep. The poultry tend to be more independent-minded.

Friends have been asking us about the current forest fires in New Mexico and if fire danger or smoke has reached here. Some guests have even canceled reservations, fearing the worst.

Thankfully, the fires are some hours away from us, to the east, and only a hint of smoke has reached us. Predictable prevailing winds blow to the east, so we are not seeing the results of the serious and tragic fires. We keep in prayer all who have been displaced at this time and who have lost property, possessions and animals.

With continued greetings and prayers for all in this Paschaltide (Easter Season) 2022.

Abbot Christian and the monks