The solemn celebration of Easter continues here in the quiet of the Chama Canyon Wilderness. We are now in the Third Week of the Easter Season, which extends until Pentecost Sunday on June 5th, when Paschaltide (the Easter Season) comes to an end. After Easter comes “Ordinary Time,” as the Church calls it, lasting until the Season of Advent, which this year begins on Sunday, November 27th.
While forest fires are currently active in various parts of the State of New Mexico, which have included evacuations in some places, we have thus far been spared and the air stays clear. For this we thank God and continue to pray for rain. We pray also for those who have been displaced or lost property due to the fires.
Trees continue to blossom on our property and a variety of berries are being planted in our garden, with hopes of harvesting raspberries, currents and blackberries this fall.
To our families, friends, neighbors and benefactors, we extend our greetings and offer you our prayers.
Abbot Christian and the monks