Right next to our “Veritas Orchard,” of various recently-planted fruit trees, is our latest agricultural endeavor: a patch of berries. The patch includes raspberries, blackberries and two types of currents. Though planted just this Spring, there is hope of harvest this summer. We look forward to that. We call the patch “Mary’s Berry Patch.”
The fruit trees in Veritas Orchard will take longer to mature, but we will wait in patience.
Both our fruit orchard and the berry patch are within the larger “Abbotsfield,” which also provides pasture for our herd of Navajo-Churro sheep, now numbering some twenty-five, as well as roaming ground for our flock of laying hens, providing us with a couple dozen eggs each day.
We are grateful for God’s grandeur which surrounds us, and which provides us with sources of food as well.
Blessed weekend ahead.
Abbot Christian and the monks