We have a new car! More precisely, it is a 2012 Chevrolet, all-wheel, silver-colored cargo van, perfect for our weekly grocery shopping. It is pictured below.

The van came all the way from South Dakota and is a “dream-come-true.” We are deeply grateful and indebted to the donor, named Brendan, and have named the vehicle, “Brendan the Navigator,” after the sixth century Irish abbot, whose famous voyages in boats, perhaps even to the “New World,” earned him the title “Voyager” or “Navigator.”

Other kind benefactors have provided us with a 2017 Ford Expedition, an all-purpose, all-wheel, reliable vehicle for trips to the doctor and dentist.

These two vehicles are a real help and blessing for us in our trips to town, and we keep in our prayers all who do good to us.

Blessed continuation of Advent to all.

Abbot Christian and the monks