This year on Christmas Eve and Day, an abundance of rain fell in our environs. We are most grateful for the gift of rain from God, and are praying that more might fall. Thus far we have seen very little snow fall, but that we await for as well.

The great silence of the Chama Canyon where we live is a reminder that God’s “Word out of silence,” Jesus Christ, came to redeem us and to speak the silent language of love, for all people of all times.

The mystery of the Incarnation, that is, our God taking on our human nature, cannot be confined to being celebrated on a single day. Hence, we are in the midst of keeping the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Our Christmas trees (one in church and one in the refectory), as well as outdoor lights and other decorations, also singing Christmas carols, continue in full force for many more days.

We wish you the continuation of a very Merry Christmas. Don’t switch off the lights just yet!

Abbot Christian and the monks