Like our families and friends, monks also prepare for Christmas. More than shopping and travelling, though, our preparations are focused more on cleaning, getting decorations ready, cooking and baking, during these final days leading up to Christmas.

While working part of each day, our main focus at this time is on prayer and the Liturgy, where we are treated to wonderful passages from Scripture that speak of the coming Redeemer to save all people.

During this season the traditional texts and music at Mass and the Divine Office are among the most beautiful of the entire year. It is no surprise that Advent is the favorite Liturgical season of many a monk and nun!

Most likely, though, unlike our friends and families, we don’t actually “deck the halls” until December 24th. Only then do decorations go up, including Christmas lights, and it all stays up, until January 9th next year, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Monks take seriously the concept of the “twelve days of Christmas” and beyond!

Please join us to truly celebrating the Birth of Messiah, wherever you may be.

Abbot Christian and the monks