We received some snow at dawn on Wednesday morning, December 15th. It all happened very quickly during Lauds and Mass and ceased as abruptly as it started.
In these times we are grateful for moisture in any form, and even a couple of inches of snow is worth its weight in gold. It appears we received a fast-moving storm, and as usual, due to prevailing winds, coming from the west and moving to the east.
The beauty of God’s creation is constantly before our eyes in the Chama Canyon Wilderness. We are eternally grateful to our founding-Prior, Father Aelred Wall, for locating such a beautiful spot for a monastery to take root. Next year the Monastery of Christ in the Desert will be 58 years old!
As Advent quickly progresses and Christmas draws nigh, we remember in prayer all of our family members, friends, benefactors and pilgrims.
Abbot Christian and the monks