On December 10th, the Abbot’s 69th birthday(!) we had our first sighting of snow, in the upper canyon north of us.

Moisture is much needed and appreciated in any form during this time of drought, so we were delighted when rain fell throughout the night of December 9th and into the 10th, with some snowfall in the afternoon of the 10th.

Our many animals (sheep, donkey and chickens) seem unfazed by the colder weather, rain and snow. They all have thick coats of wool, hair or feathers. They even seem to delight in cavorting in the snow, which may be a projection on our part, but maybe it’s true.

Only Matty the donkey heads for shelter (our Good Shepherd Inn barn) when it’s too rainy or snowy. The rest of the livestock stay put in the elements until nightfall. At that time, all take shelter without being persuaded to.

Prayers and greetings in the Lord.

Abbot Christian and the monks