While the photo today is not of a monastery donkey, it nonetheless portrays one of God’s cutest creatures on this earth. The burro in the photo is on the way to Santiago Compostella, Spain, one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the world.

Many or even most who come to the Monastery Christ in the Desert consider themselves “on pilgrimage,” intentionally leaving the beaten path for an encounter with the living God. Surely the less-than-super-highway that leads to our door is a clear incentive to put aside the ordinary and to prepare for the extraordinary.

God willing, we hope to be able to receive overnight guests once again at the beginning of March, 2022, in time for the Holy Season of Lent.

We also hope the possibility for making reservations will be on our website later this month.

While we will not be taking as many guests as in the past, we still believe the experience of silence and solitude, along with participation in the chanted Divine Office and Conventual Mass with the monks each day, will be a real blessing for all who come here.

Details about the new policies and which rooms will be available for occupancy will be on our website later this month as well.

With greetings and prayers,

Abbot Christian and the monks