Our poultry flock of nearly fifty is currently hale and hearty, laying close to two dozen eggs per day.

The many hens and sole rooster all retire for the night a little earlier each day now, with the gradual shortening of daylight until the winter solstice at the end of December.

Our chickens have a spacious wooden coop for nightly rest and daily laying of eggs. At present, about 6:50 pm, as twilight arrives, they are all quietly in the coop, either roosting on poles or in the nine nesting boxes. The brother in charge simply has to close and latch the large wooden coop door as well as the metal gate of the enclosure, and the birds are safe for the night.

Around 7:00 am each morning, as daylight returns, the coop and enclosure are opened and the flock is free to roam in the Abbotsfield, a very spacious area outside the monks’ cloister.

With this comes our greetings and prayers as we move into the month of November.

Abbot Christian and the monks