Leaves are still turning on our property and some trees have yet to change color. Daytime temperatures are now in the 60s and near freezing before dawn. The rapid rise of temperature in the morning is always welcome, and outdoor work can easily carry on.

At the Monastery we have no employees, so we rely on monk-power to get everything done. And basically it does get done: cooking, cleaning, tailoring, laundry, bookkeeping and other office work, running the Gift Shop, various and sundry maintenance projects, as well as care of the sheep, donkey, chickens, horses and bees.

Craft work is part of the mix also: weaving and spinning, making soap, lotions, lip balm, rosaries, icons. It helps to have 25 monks to accomplish the tasks!

Monasteries have sometimes been compared to thriving bee hives: everyone does his part to create something beautiful for God. And of course the work is only one part of the life. Pride of place is given to the solemn celebration of the Divine Office (the Liturgy of the Hours) and Conventual Mass each day.

You are in our prayers. Please keep us in yours.

Abbot Christian and the monks