The Universal Church continues to celebrate the Year of Saint Joseph, Foster-father of Jesus.

Saint Joseph is often called “the Silent,” because no words of his are recorded in Scripture. On the other hand, we know that Joseph must have spoken, even often, as spouse of Mary and as a parent to Jesus.

While remaining a somewhat hidden personality in the Bible, Joseph was a man of action, a faithful servant of God and an exemplary husband to Mary and foster-father to Jesus.

The icon pictured today is by one of our monks at La Soledad in Mexico. It portrays Jesus in the arms of Joseph, as well as his holding scrolls of the Hebrew Scriptures, which Joseph must have taught to Jesus.

The Church Father Saint Jerome said this: ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.

May the Lord lead us, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, into the way of peace.

Abbot Christian and the monks