Our poultry flock continues to flourish and may be among the happiest chickens on earth. All day long they have an abundance of land in which to roam. At night they are snug as bugs in rugs in their spacious coop.

For our part, we have hearty eggs every day of the year, a sample of which is pictured below.

Included too is a photo of three of our flock: Rudy the lone rooster, who crows only a few times each day, hence not a menace. He is shown here with Mabel and Marleen, two of our forty-seven hens.

In Scripture, Jesus reminds his disciples that he desires to gather his flock, just as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. (see Gospel of Saint Luke, chapter 13, verse 34).

May we all rest securely under God’s protective and provident care, all the days of our life.

Abbot Christian and the monks