Our forty-something hens and one lone rooster, named Rudy, never turn down offerings from the kitchen: leftover salad, fruit, vegetables, as well as rice and noodles.

Fr Zachary is our Kitchen Manager and usually has offerings for the hens each afternoon. In repayment, they produce twenty to thirty delicious eggs each day.

There is an old saying: count your chickens before they hatch, because once they hatch, it’s very hard to count them. That is certainly true, as chickens are ever on the move, rarely still enough to be counted.

Is there a lesson here? It calls to mind another old saying: a rolling stone gathers no moss. In a Christian context: keep moving and contributing as you can to the building up of God’s Kingdom. Couch potatoes, arise and do something, perhaps is another way to say the same.

Praying for the needs and intentions of all our families, friends and benefactors,

Abbot Christian and the monks