While parts of northeastern New Mexico have received sufficient rain of late to turn the land quite green, our north central region of the state is still suffering from a lack of moisture.

We continue prayers for rain and trust it will eventually come.

The Chama River that flows past the Monastery and eventually joins the Rio Grande south of us is woefully low at this time. A scarcity of snowpack over the past winter has caused the situation, so the usual rafters and kayakers on the river during the summer are absent.

Despite the setbacks, we carry on with our daily lives. Thankfully the heatwave of a few weeks ago has ended and the daytime temperatures are now in the 80s, dropping down to 60 or below at night.

To our families and friends near and far, we extend greetings and promise to keep you in our prayers. Please keep us in yours.

Abbot Christian and the monks