Regrettably, over the past few months two of the cars in our small fleet have had to retire and need to be replaced.
Equally regrettable, since we are without steady income with our Guesthouse still closed, we do not have funds to replace the two cars.
We are looking for two different types of cars, and want to ask if any of our friends might be able to donate a vehicle.
We need a 4-wheel drive car, preferably under 100,000 miles. This vehicle would be used mainly for traversing Forest Road 151 out of and into the monastery, for medical and shopping trips.
The second car would not need to be 4-wheel drive, and would be used more for use in town.
May Saint Joseph and Saint Christopher intercede for this special appeal
Any replies to this request can be addressed to Special Vehicle Appeal at:
We are willing to drive to pick up the gift of a car (or two!).
Thank you from the heart for your consideration.
Abbot Christian