After a hiatus of several weeks, our rose bushes are blooming once again. In addition to adding beauty to our cloister garden, the yellow, red, white and pink roses provide lovely flowers for decorating our Monastery church.

In answer to prayers, we received a prolonged torrential rainfall on Wednesday afternoon, July 21st. It is amazing what such a fast arriving and departing rainfall can do. It seems to quickly “wake up” the parched land and cause grass to spring up.

We need more rain, but are grateful for any amount that falls. The rain also cools down the daytime temperatures, of course, and that is appreciated too.

We are working as quickly as we can to acknowledge and thank the many who have generously responded to our recent appeal for medical needs of the Monastery.

From the heart, thank you and prayers to all who show us kindness. As Carmelites like to say: May God reward you!

Abbot Christian and the monks