Brother Martin de Porres diligently monitors and tends our chickens with TLC, and Matty the donkey occasionally gets into the act as well, an ever-ready recipient of whatever might be in the offing.
Most often, Brother Martin proffers leftover lettuce and fruit, but mealworm is sometimes on the menu too.
For much of their waking hours, the sheep and donkey graze in our pastures, while the hens forage for insects and whatever else strikes their fancy, in the same grassy fields.
Up until now we have been “predator-free,” meaning our animals are staying alive and well. We do our best to keep unwanted visitors away.
At present we have twenty-five sheep, one guard-donkey, forty-five chickens and thousands of bees.
We keep you in our prayers and we are always grateful for yours.
Abbot Christian and the monks