This year our cloister garden is seeing an abundance of peonies in bloom just now. The colors range from white and pink to magenta. The flowers are so large and heavy this year that they routinely topple over, right to the ground. Fortunately the stems don’t snap, so they can be used for arrangements in our church.

This Spring, which lasts technically until the end of June, has been mild and pleasant, with fairly sunny days, temperatures in the 70s and even some rainfall. All this is probably ideal for the flowers.

Along with the peonies in full glory, our roses are quietly making their entrance now. These too will soon be adorning our church, just steps away from the cloister garden.

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” An anonymous saying that captures the symbolism of the flower.

You are in our daily thoughts and prayers, family and friends of us monks.

Abbot Christian and the monks