With Winter over and Spring in full swing, we are pursuing many outdoor projects to beautify our property. From flower beds in the Saint John Paul II Meditation Garden (located between the church and Guest Reception building) to the cloister lawn and the Blessed Virgin Mary Garden, love’s labor is bearing fruit.

Our canyon is still fairly green at present, despite a lack of Spring showers, and even May flowers, including irises, peonies and day lilies, have been consistently blooming throughout April and May.

Water is a precious commodity in this part of the world and we do our small part to conserve it and be good stewards of all God’s gifts around us. All is on loan, we try to remember, and never to take for granted what we have been entrusted with. “Leave it even better than when you found it,” is a maximum worth emulating by all of us.

With our greetings and prayers,

Abbot Christian and the monks