The Church completes the Easter celebrations each year with Pentecost Sunday, which we observed three days ago. We are now in what is called “Ordinary Time,” but our remembrance of redemption in Jesus Christ is never to fade from our minds and hearts in our daily round of praise of God for redeeming us in the Blood of the Redeemer.

The Crucifix photographed below is in our Chapter Room, where we monks gather each morning for our “work meeting,” to briefly go over the work assignments that day. We conclude the gathering by listening to the names and dates of deaths of monks and nuns of our international Subiaco Cassinese Congregation. We then pray an ancient chant asking God’s angels to lead all the faithful departed into Paradise.

We also regularly gather in the Chapter Room on some evenings to listen to a portion of the Rule of Saint Benedict, then a short reflection by the abbot.

In this Ordinary Time, a prayer by the late Redemptorist priest from Spain, Father Basilio Caballero, who lived from 1935 to 1996, comes to mind:

We have all been baptized in the same Spirit, in order to form one Body, the Church of Jesus Christ. Help us, Father, to maintain the unity in the bond of peace, because unity is the goal and hope of the vocation to which you have freely called us in Christ the Lord.

Be assured of our prayers and please keep us in yours. Thank you.

Abbot Christian and the monks