Another set of twins was born in our sheepfold on May 14th. The ewe is named Velma and the lambs are Lotti and Lotto. They seem healthy and the mother attentive to the new born.

With these two lambs, we now have had twelve births this Spring. They join the thirteen adults, bringing our flock up to twenty-five.

May 15th is the Feast of Saint Pachomius, who lived from 292 to 348 AD, father of cenobitic monasticism, that is, monastic life in community. Previous to Pachomius, monastic life was mostly eremitical, that is, solitary existence as hermits. Saint Benedict in the sixth century followed the model of Pachomius and subsequent monastic legislators. To this day most Benedictines are cenobitic monks and like our monastic ancestors, we raise sheep, chickens and produce, to help sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

With our prayers and grateful for yours,

Abbot Christian and the monks