The ever-changing light on the cliffs that surround us are a constant reminder that the God of all, Creator of heaven and earth, is near us as a Rock of refuge and a sure stronghold.

These past many months have been a time of upheavel, distress and untold hardship for people young and old, rich and poor, from all walks of life, everywhere on earth.

People of faith are being challenged to continue believing, trusting in God’s presence, even when it might seem absurd to do so. Scripture and human experience teach us that in hardship we are not abandoned by the God who loves us, and never to lose hope.

May the current trend to some return of “normality” encourage us to “never give up,” even in midst of distress. Jesus’ words at the time of his Ascension, recorded at the end of the Gospel of Saint Matthew (chapter 28, verse 20), should animate and encourage us all: “Behold, I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

With our continued prayers and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world,

Abbot Christian and the monks