Yesterday a professional crew of window washers from Santa Fe came to clean our church windows. They worked valiantly for several hours and nearly finished the job, but will need to return another day to complete the project.

The name of the Company, fittingly enough, is “We Do Windows.” Over the decades we have had an occasional “wannabe monk” who has been an “I don’t do windows” personality. Of course such persons never go too far along before clashing with one or more authority figure in the monastery. And needless to say, they are usually gone in not too long a time.

A benefactor sponsored the present window cleaning project, for which we are deeply grateful. While we can do such work, the speed and thoroughness of a professional crew can’t be beat. The last time we had such was some decades ago, so we felt it was time accept the offer that professionals tackle our windows. And yes, as is fairly typical today, the workers softly played their music, even though inside the church. Beggers can’t be choosers!

Abbot Christian and the monks