While not native to New Mexico, but coming from southeast Asia, the forsythia shrubs on our property, six in number, are doing fine, even at our elevation of 6,500 feet above sea level.

Before brothers built the cedar fence last fall, which now protects the forsythia, the shrubs were pretty much eaten to the ground by our sheep. We wondered if the forsythia would survive the winter.

Obviously the shrubs have revived and are no worse for what the sheep put them through last year. These days we are using the bright yellow branches to decorate the church as the Easter lilies have bowed out of view.

Because of its spring blooming, forsythia has been nicknamed the “Easter Tree.” That is certainly our experience of the always-welcome sign of new life each year. It might also be pointed out that forsythia is a genus of flowering plants in the olive family.

Happy Spring and Easter Season to all.

Abbot Christian and the monks.