Now that the Easter lilies have completed their course of gracing our church, we have forsythia blooming in abundance to use for decorating.

This year the timing was perfect for the transition from white lilies to yellow forsythia, with the latter flowers much less likely to cause allergy-uprising among the brethren. Nonetheless, this has been a tough spring for a number of brothers, with the usual rise in pollen and just enough wind to wreak havoc.

Soon it will be summer and the likely subsiding of allergic reactions. That is the fervent hope of quite a number here.

We are sad to say the Monastery is still closed to day visitors and retreatants. It’s hard to believe we are beginning year two of being closed but we continue our daily prayers for those who have fallen ill, those who are recovering, for doctors, nurses and caregivers, for those who mourn the loss of loved ones and for those who have died.

Abbot Christian and the monks