We have now reached the end of the Easter Octave, that is, beginning with Easter Sunday (April 4th this year), the Church celebrates with particular festivity for eight successive days the wonder of the Resurrection of Christ. Those eight days comprise what is called the Octave of Easter.

There are special hymns, antiphons, Scripture readings and prayers to accompany the “Festival of Festivals,” as Easter is often called. Not to be forgotten is the abundance of the joyful shout of “Alleluia,” (literally, “Praise God”), which we sing over and over at Mass and the Divine Office each day at this time.

While the Octave of Easter has ended, the Easter Season has not. We monks, with the entire Church, strive to carry on with festive mood right up to Pentecost Sunday, this year occurring on May 23rd. At Pentecost we will recount the day of the descent and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the beginning of the Church.

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

The wood carving of the Risen Christ pictured here comes from Vietnam and is placed in our monastic chapter (meeting) room during the fifty days of Eastertide.

A blessed week and continuation of the Easter Festival.

Abbot Christian and the monks