Happily we can report that our flock of hens, some forty-five in number, are now producing around two dozen eggs per day.
Somewhat varying in size and color, the eggs all tend to be in two or three of our coop nesting boxes and Brother-egg-collector is never disappointed in the hunt.
We mostly serve the eggs hardboiled for breakfast each morning. They seem to disappear quickly from the serving table.
Here is a recipe for a shelter-in-place-single-serving-microwave-egg-sufflee, ready in three minutes or less:
2 or 3 eggs in a small straight sided bowl
half a cup or so of sliced turkey
a tablespoon or two of Parmisean cheese
a tablespoon or so of diced green or black olives
Wisk the ingredients together with a fork,
place in the center of the microwave, set timer for three minutes,
check part way through to avoid over-cooking.
Toast a couple of slices of wheat bread and enjoy a breakfast fit for a hermit, an abbot or an abbess.
Buon appetito.