A phrase no traveler by car likes to read regarding road conditions is this: “Snow-packed and Icy.” Even we, making occasional journeys out of the monastery to see the doctor or do the shopping, are always cautious about the state of the highways and byways.
Since winter’s arrival in December, we have seen very little rain or snow and we pray for more with the coming of Spring next month.
The reason is that our part of the world is sorely in need of moisture and we are most grateful when it comes.
On a recent snowy day, a group of brothers ventured north to the tiny village of Chama, about fifty miles from the monastery and very near the Colorado border. The purpose was for a little break.
Being a thousand feet higher than us in elevation, snow abounded that day in Chama, to the tune of a foot or more. In the photo below, our Brother Jude, appropriately bundled up against the cold, stands at the Chama railroad station, as if awaiting a train that certainly wouldn’t be coming that day. Brr.