Psalm 112 (Greek numbering) proclaims: “From the rising of the sun to its setting, praised be the name of the Lord.”

The grandnephew of one of our monks seems to be doing just that, on a recent eve at the Florida coast. His gesture in the midst of God’s creation says it all.

We at the monastery continue to carry all of our families, friends and benefactors in our daily prayers. Despite both our Guesthouse and Giftshop being closed for nearly a year, which are our principal sources of income, the goodness of many keeps us afloat. We are deeply grateful to all who support us.

We continue to pursue avenues for selling our weavings, soaps, hand lotions and the like, and will begin selling again at the Espanola Farmers Market when it opens again in the Spring.

This week a dozen of the elder monks will get their second dose of covid vaccine. Gradually the rest of the community will as well.

Blessed week ahead.

Abbot Christian and the monks