Christians do not worship the sun or the moon, or any of creation. That is called “pantheism.” However, we do worship the Creator of all things, Who is God.

Each day at the beginning of our midday meal during Lent, we chant words from Sacred Scripture that begin: “O sun and moon and all creation, praise our God for his name is exalted over all.”

Because God is the Author of things visible and invisible, whatever God has created glorifies God by its very existence, including the sun and the moon, elemental parts of the universe.

The two photos below are from the mural in our refectory, depicting the “greater light,” as the Book of Genesis calls the sun, and the “lesser light,” the moon.

Whenever anyone worships God, we are in some way acting on behalf of all humanity and all creation, the handiwork of our Creator-God, infinite and eternal.