We continue to be humbled and delighted by the goodness of friends in contributing to our boiler-replacement project. See our last posting on the progress on this News Page, dated February 6th.

We are drawing ever-closer to our goal of $38,000.00 for the necessary replacement of our nearly quarter-century old boiler, which provides hot water for heating our church, refectory, infirmary room (where our 89 year old Father Bernard resides), as well hot water for the kitchen, laundry and more.

We have thus far raised almost $29,000.00, meaning we need still to raise $9,000.00.

Arrival and installation of the new boiler is scheduled to begin on February 17.

We are touched and delighted beyond words for the outpouring of TLC for your monks in the desert. May God reward abundantly those who do good for us.

If you can assist, please see our webpage and go the the donation page.

Thank you and be assured of our love and prayers.

Abbot Christian and the monks