After more than twenty years of faithful service, our large boiler near the kitchen is giving up the ghost. It has provided hot water for the kitchen, for the radiant heat in the church, as well as for our refectory, Guest Reception area, public restrooms, laundry, classroom and the infirmary room where our nearly 90 year old Fr Bernard now resides.
Until we can replace the boiler completely, which will be a huge monetary investment, we are relying on professional technicians and monks to carefully monitor the boiler as it regularly shuts down. While attempting to replace parts and make repairs, the kitchen, church and other rooms mentioned above have been without heat in recent days.
At present we are having very cold mornings outside, so the indoor temperatures are also quite low. To compensate that fact, we have temporarily converted a spacious classroom, dedicated to Saint Placidus, an early disciple of Saint Benedict, into an oratory for praying Lauds and Mass. That room has a gas heater which nicely warms the room.
With the boiler limping along for the moment, once the temperature rises sufficiently in church we will return there for Lauds and Holy Eucharist. Our 4:00 am Office of Vigils is being prayed in our Chapter Room, which is heated from a different boiler than the one near the kitchen.
Our current practice of “musical rooms” will likely end when we can acquire a new boiler or when Spring arrives, bringing warmer temperatures, which is still some months away.
Pictured below is our temporary Saint Placidus Oratory.
Saint Joseph and Saint Placidus, pray for us.