As of today, no sign of coronavirus has reached our monastery. With ages ranging from 24 to 94, we feel very blessed. May good health continue here!

We know of cases that have reached other monasteries and religious communities that has wreaked havoc in otherwise tranquil environs. For such communities we offer condolences and continue to pray for healing and comfort in this difficult moment in human history.

Needless to say, we continue to practice social distancing in our church, refectory and wherever we might meet one another.

Other important precautions are in force as well. Sadly, we must keep our Guesthouse, Giftshop and grounds closed until when, we do not know.

We keep journeys outside the monastery to a minimum. Only needed medical appointments and shopping for our food are allowed.

We know living as we do 25 miles from the nearest town, Abiquiu, tiny though it be, likely contributes to our physical well-being as well.

We are grateful for prayers and assure everyone of our prayers each day.