We awoke on December 29th to a fresh blanket of snow. In the desert Southwest moisture in either form, as rain or snow, is always welcome. Winter snow and occasional rain are of course good for the earth and a deterant to dreaded forest fires in the spring, summer and fall.

Sometimes friends or family ask us if are “stranded” at the monastery when we have snow, since the dirt and gravel road leading to the monastery (Forest Service Road 151) is 13 miles long.

Generally we have no trouble traversing the road, being careful not to go too fast, in order to avoid slipping. Four-wheel drive also helps. The road not usually icey, but simply covered with snow, which is not necessarily slippery.

In these times of not verturing out except for necessary medical appointments or grocery shopping, we can mostly enjoy the snow from the relative comfort of “home sweet home,” our monastery.