Our Brothers Martin, Chrysosom and Seraphim have been busy this week weaving fine rugs. These will soon be for sale online. Because our Giftshop and Guesthouse are closed, we are seeking creative ways to market the work of our hands.

Until we have our weaving studio completely set up, our weavers are working at Tierra Wools in Chama, New Mexico, where in fact the brothers learned to weave. The fine looms at Tierra Wools are a real incentive to get our own donated looms up and functioning soon. Thanks to all who donated looms to us!

Our handwoven monastery rugs are made from 100% Navajo-Churro wool, hand-dyed and spun in New Mexico. They are each approximately 36″ wide and 62″ long.

We are very excited to soon be offering our rugs, perfect Christmas gifts. Hopefully by next week we’ll have them on this page.

All of the spun wool from our beautiful Navajo-Churro sheep has sold out, but we hope to have more available in the Spring.

Keep an eye on this page.