A great Catholic tradition is church stained-glass windows. Some of the most beautiful are found in churches and cathedrals of Europe, but many fine examples also exist in various parts of the United States.
In Northern New Mexico a village church, about forty miles from Christ in the Desert, contains some very fine stained-glass windows. The Catholic church in the picturesque town of Los Ojos (meaning “the hot springs”) is dedicated to Saint Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus. While not centuries old, the windows of San Jose Church in Los Ojos are about a hundred years old and depict various scenes from the life of Christ. The tiny church is luminous in the finely made widows, each with a dedication plate incorporated into the window, honoring the various donors who sponsored the windows, usually local families.
The one below is a beautiful representation of Jesus the Good Shepherd. Sheep raising has been for centuries an important work in Northern New Mexico and we monks are humbly proud to carry on the tradition in a small way in the 21st century
Jesus the Good Shepherd, bless and keep us all under your care.