While our outdoor vegetable garden this past summer was a huge success, the kindness of several benefactors, including the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, has made it possible for us to purchase a large greenhouse. That way we will be able to grow produce year round.

The greenhouse will be assembled by our monks in the coming weeks. We are blessed with skilled carpenters and builders among our monks. The location of the greenhouse will be where our outdoor garden has been, along the banks of the Chama River that flows through our property. The greenhouse is within what is known here as the “Field of Saint Fiacre,” who is patron of gardens and gardeners.
We have discovered of late that a number of monasteries around the world are returning to agricultural endeavors. The current world crisis is certainly part of the motivation, that monks and nuns be more self-sufficient.
Another very important motive for agrarian activities is the injunction of Saint Benedict in his Rule for Monks: “Then are they truly monks, when they live by the labor of the hands.” We are trying to take this to heart and realize the value of vigorous outdoor work in the shaping of balanced and happy monks.
We are deeply grateful to those who have made the greenhouse a reality. All our families, friends and benefactors are in our hearts and prayers. Thank you all!