How are we monks of Christ in the Desert faring in these times? Thankfully, all are well. We range in ages from 23 to 93, but no illness among us. Deo gratias.

We are of course taking the required precautions, including social distancing in choir and at meals, but basically “staying put” on our property.
That doesn’t mean we are “doing nothing,” though. In addition to the full round of the Divine Office and Conventual Mass each day, albeit without guests for the moment, we are engaged some hours each day with the “usuals” of community survival, including cooking meals, doing laundry, tending the animals on our growing farm, maintenance projects, irrigating pasture land, planting our vegetable garden, preparing to have honeybees once again, cleaning house, tending the elderly brothers, practicing music, processing wool from our sheep, listening to conferences by the abbot, recreating on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday evenings.
In own way we are a “hive of bees” (hopefully without too many drones!) carrying out the work of the Lord in this little corner of planet earth.
We keep you all, our family and friends, in our hearts and prayers. God bless you and keep you safe. Keep us in your prayers, please. Thank you!
Abbot Christian