Over the past weeks we have received so many inquiries, encouragements, and prayers from you all our many friends, benefactors and donors. Again, we thank you for your concern, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured, we are well. We continue with the Liturgy of the Hours and daily Conventual Mass. We unceasingly pray for your needs and intentions.  We take the necessary precautions. Trips into town are limited to those that are mission critical to the monastery:  for food and supplies, for extreme emergencies regarding health and medication, and for vehicle maintenance. At present, an oblate who is a Nurse Practitioner talks to us daily about the corona virus and steps that we must take to prevent its spread. Monks dutifully wash their hands, cough into their habit sleeves, and check themselves for temperatures and other respiratory disorders.  We have also begun praying before daily Adoration the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ COVID-19 Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe and A Prayer of Solidarity.  

We trust in God and look to the saints, such as St John Chrysostom, for words of strength during these trying times:

Considering therefore all these things, that misfortunes were greater for him [Job], and that when the conflict was more grievous, then he stripped for the contest; let us bear all that comes upon us nobly, and with much thankfulness, in order that we may be able to obtain the same crown as he, by the grace and loving kindness of Jesus Christ our Lord, with whom be glory to the Father together with the Holy Spirit, now and always and for ever and ever. Amen” (Three Homilies on the Devil, St John Chrysostom).  

May your Guardian Angels protect and keep you, and may our Holy Mother Mary embrace us under her Protecting Veil.  Lord, have mercy.