The Monastery of Christ in the Desert is pleased to announce a major refurbishing of the guest quarters at the Monastery’s Guesthouse and Ranch House.  Prior Benedict MacCaffree, OSB, said that “We try to take quite seriously the Rule of St. Benedict which commits us to hospitality for our guests and that they be received as Christ and shown all due honor.”

To further our efforts at offering hospitality, a significant renovating of all guest accommodations has been undertaken over the past two months. This includes repainting all the rooms and installing new beds with extremely comfortable, extra-long mattresses.  There is also new bedding, pillows, comforters, blankets, and towel sets for each room. The renovations include extending electrical outlets for the placement of reading lamps and comfortable chairs that should facilitate reading, writing, and prayer.  There are also new rugs in each room which should give each space a feeling of warmth and welcome. The most exciting addition to each room is a large classic religious image placed in each room to remind the guests of the presence of the divine and the spiritual dimension of life which is present for all visitors to the Monastery as well.

Brother Andre, who has served as Guestmaster for many years of devoted service, said, “I am truly happy with the new renovations and the refurbishing of our guest quarters because it raises our cordial welcome to a new level. We are grateful for the feedback from our guests over time which have greatly aided us in designing these latest efforts to offer pleasant and relaxed accommodations. We are pleased to offer to men and women of all faiths an opportunity to come and share our monastic life in the splendid silence and solitude of the Chama Canyon of New Mexico. We want to make it an inviting site for those seeking God and searching for a refreshment of their spiritual lives.”

The work of this major and extensive refashioning of our guest lodgings was led by Ms. Kris Lajeskie, who has extraordinary taste and eloquence and is the President of a nationally recognized firm in the field of hotel and residential interior design.  Santa Fe has been her home and headquarters for 25 years, and she splits her time between San Diego and New York. Hotels and restaurants throughout New Mexico feature her interiors which focus on an authentic cultural experience with signature artisanal touches. Currently she is launching Hotel Chaco in Albuquerque.  As a long-time friend and oblate of the Monastery, her generosity in gifting the monastic community with her artistic talents and expertise for such a noteworthy design endeavor is deeply appreciated by the Abbot and the entire monastic community. Kris commented that “Creating a peaceful and comfortable respite for guests, has been a pure labor of love and I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration process with the monks.”

All who might be interested in coming to stay as our guests for a number of days are invited to look at the section of our website detailing the guest guidelines and thereafter use the reservations system which is designed to function with ease to make their arrangements for a visit.  The Guestmaster and the whole monastic community assure all who come to be with us that they will have a wonderful experience and one that will be enhanced by the recent additions to our accommodations