Guesthouse 12 (Double)

Suggested donation per night:$130.00
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Maximum guests: 2
Common area:These accommodations include access to our common area, which includes a full kitchen, guest library, and a place to visit with other guests.
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Private bathroom? NO
Electricity? YES
Kitchen? NO
Handicap accessible? NO

A double room for two occupants that is located upstairs from the entrance and is a comfortable clean and quiet room for your stay.  It is a ten minute walk to the Abbey Church.  Prior to your arrival, monks in charge of caring for the guesthouse will have cleaned the room.  Linens are provided for you to make up the beds. Towels and a washcloths are provided.  There is a book of Guidelines for guests and a Bible on the desk with a chair that also has an electric lamp for reading or writing.  Standard wall electricity outlets are available as well.  Guests will find two other chairs in the room for sitting to read or pray.  There is a bathroom and shower just steps away that is shared with the occupant(s) of Room 13.    This room opens out to a balcony with chairs for sitting and gazing at the surrounding beauty.  In warmer weather the room remains cool throughout the day by keeping the window shades down and for other times there is a propane heater that is easy to use and the occupants control the temperature. Being inside the room with the door closed, provides a pleasant space for silence and solitude.  Guests may make tea or coffee in the room and are invited to use the nearby common room for visiting with other guests.

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